Concert @ WERK


I’ll be playing a solo set on a modular synth – mostly based on feedback and noise – on Saturday January 27th at WERK in Klybeckareal Basel.
For the second set good, old and trusted Benjamin Brodbeck will join me for a duo of drums and electronics. Should be fun!

unorthodoxjukebox o.


unorthodoxjukebox o. is a collective of more than 20 musicians. We play contemporary & avant-garde music which is either freely improvised or based on improvisational or visual concepts.

Electric Spring !


I’m excited to play a set at Electric Spring Festival in Huddersfield! I’ll be trying out my new setup including a newly designed feedback system in MaxMSP and some modular synth stuff.

SCHIMMER – album release


The music on this album started out as duo improvisations of saxophone and piano. The electronic parts were added later in an effort to add a counterpoint to the acoustic dialog. These parts were also mostly recorded from improvised sessions and later more or less heavily edited.

WEAK TIES – album release


new album WEAK TIES with Benjamin Brodbeck was just released on creative sources recordings!

Mutable Instruments Max port


It’s been more than a year ago that I have started working on the mutable instruments source code available here, to bring the sound and thoughtful layout of some of these fabulous eurorack modules into Cycling74’s Max. The project is not finished (and might not ever be…), but I want to use this space to […]



H.E.I. GUIDE is an interactive soundwalk. Equipped with special headphones the visitors are sent on a acoustic research trip that oscillates between reality and fiction. The whole area is transformed into a fantastic listening space, filled with real environmental sounds, field-recordings, subtle manipulations and interactive compositions.

W3rkH0f live video gig


This summer I had the opportunity to play a gig at the W3rkH0f Ambi Media Incubator summer party 2018 in Neunkirch (CH). Jana Honegger and Kent Clelland, the hosts and organizers, did a great job and created a wonderful atmosphere.

Heissenberg video for clang


Music video for the track “Heissenberg” from “endless undo“. Filmed with a mobile phone, video processing done with jitter.  

Endless Undo: album release on clang


I’m very happy to announce my first solo release on the danish label clang.