using vDSP_deq22 correctly


On a mac the Accelerate framework delivers a lot of very useful DSP functions. Most of them are pretty straight forward to use, some are a little complicated. One of those is vDSP_deq22 / vDSP_deq22D which implements a vectorized 2 pole 2 zero filter (biquad).

Flyer Art


I’m moving houses (again…) and while packing up my things I found this collection of old flyers in my drawer. As far as I know they were all handmade by Gilbi Trefzger (Smacks Tracks, Nuns n’ Hoses, Paris Safari), and even back then, I thought that they deserved a longer life time than just being […]

Impro-Session mit Jonas


Just a quick av-recording during an impro-session with Jonas Althaus. Jonglage, Jonas Althaus Musik, Volker Böhm



[Show slideshow] Just some pictures I took right out of my window of the Messeturm.  



Some time ago there was a discussion on the MaxMSP-forums going on about recreating a specific chaotic oscillator. Actually this goes back to this site: ciat lonbarde, where you can find all sorts of “intuitive analog organs for your atonal/chaos squishing needs” as the author says…



… some snow this winter! last day of the year.