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By vb, 21/05/2016

Recently I’ve been playing a live solo set, which I haven’t done for a long time. On the whole the trip to Mannheim was worth it and fun to do – thanks to the elektrosmog team – Flo and Volker (the other one) – for inviting me.

Here are some excerpts


  1. Jacob says:

    Really cool performance. You have a great ear. Love how you use the guitar as a sound source. Is that a wakame pen your using? Also, I can’t tell if it’s a monome or a launchpad. I’d love to see a video of you discussing and demonstrating your live setup. Cheers! Jacob

    • vb says:

      Hey, thanks! yes, it’s a (very old) wacom tablet+pen I’m using, and a cheapish launchpad for triggering things.
      I have been doing presentations of my setup, but no video recordings, yet… If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask, though.
      best, volker.

  2. Jacob says:

    Cool. Are you using something like a Bome midi translator to translate the pen to cc data? Are you using a single max patch that you run your guitar into then resample it? I’m looking to build something similar to process my electric guitar in max. I’m definitely gonna be using some of your Mutable Instrument ports in the patch! I’m trying to build a patch that is always recording and allows you to instantly playback what you last played (up to say 10 seconds ago) with a momentary footswitch and allow you to play it backward or time-stretched, pitch up etc… Kind of like the Red Panda – Tensor pedal.
    I saw that you sometimes help other artists with custom patches. Is that something you are still doing? Cheers! Jacob

    • vb says:

      Are you using something like a Bome midi translator to translate the pen to cc data?

      no, the wacom tablet doesn’t send MIDI. It uses its own driver and sends extended mouse events to the operation system. To bring the data into max I’m using the s2m.wacom object. Yes, everything runs in one max patch (with a lot of external objects). Shouldn’t be too hard to mock up something similar to the panda pedal in max.
      And yes, I’m still sometimes helping others with patches on occations: These are mostly artist friends, students of mine or paying customers who need contract work.

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