This is a slowly growing collection of externals made for the programming environment Max/MSP (Cycling’74). Most of them were written for my personal projects – if you run into problems, please let me know.
All objects are compiled for osx (except where otherwise noted).

  • vb.aubio~ — onset detection analysis of audio data stored in a buffer~ using aubio
  • vb.blit~ — a bandlimited impulse oscillator
  • vb.brown~ — brownian noise generator
  • vb.cheby~ — a variable order chebyshev filter
  • vb.fbosc~ — a feedback oscillator
  • vb.fbosc2~ — similar to vb.fbosc~ but with signal inlets
  • vb.FFTWbuf~ — processes non-realtime FFT/iFFT of buffered data
  • vb.fourses~ — a chaotic oscillator after ciat lonbarde
  • vb.freezer~ — freeze audio input into a perfect loop
  • vb.gbuzz~ — impulse generator with spectrum control
  • vb.gcd_lcm — calculate Greates Common Divisor (gcd) and Least Common Multiple (lcm)
  • vb.goertzel~ — goertzel filter implementation, to detect presence of a specific frequency component in a signal
  • vb.jonverb~ — an inexpensive artificial reverb generator after Jon Dattorro
  • vb.linCongru~ — linear congruential pattern generator
  • vb.listchange — same as [change] but for lists
  • vb.listdrunk — same as [drunk] but for lists
  • vb.median~ — a median filter based on SuperCollider’s median UGen by J. McCartney
  • vb.phasor0~ — a phasor that changes its frequency only at the beginning of a new ramp
  • vb.pitch~ — a pitch tracker
  • vb.ramp~ — a ramp generator which can be triggered by a signal
  • vb.rand~ — same as [rand~] but with cubic interpolation
  • vb.simper.svf~ — Andrew Simper’s state variable filter version
  • vb.stretch~ — extreme audio stretching
  • vb.thresh~ — same as [thresh~] but with settable gate time
  • vb.vinylcontrol~ — decode signals from timecode vinyls (Serato+Traktor), based on xwax by Mark Hills



  • sigmund~  (on gitHub) — a 64-bit version of Miller Puckette’s sigmund~ object (mac/win)
  • metatag — read and write metadata tags for media files, by J.Bernstein. New version compiled with “TagLib 1.11” + some new features – sources on gitHub
  • slice~ — 64-bit version and additional tweaks of Nao Tokui’s slice~ object (mac/win) – sources on gitHub
  • 2up_svf~ (on gitHub) — a 64-bit version of 2up_svf~ originally written by Randy Jones
  • fiddle~ — 64 bit version of Miller Puckette’s fiddle~ object for MaxMSP (mac/win). Sources on gitHub
  • bonk~ — 64 bit version of Miller Puckette’s bonk~ object for MaxMSP (mac/win). Sources on gitHub.
  • playmp3~ — an object that plays back compressed audio files (mp3, m4a etc.). Note: EXPERIMENTAL STATE!
  • gigaverb~ — 64 bit version of Olaf Matthes’ gigaverb~ object, based on GVerb by Juhana Sadeharju. Sources on gitHub
  • freeverb~ — 64 bit version of Olaf Matthes’ freeverb~ object. Sources on gitHub
  • jit.boids2d — 64 bit version. Original by Wesley Smith, a.sier / jasch and eric singer
  • jit.boids3d — 64 bit version. Original by Wesley Smith, a.sier / jasch and eric singer
  • xray.jit.render — 64 bit version of by Wesley Smith’s xray.jit.render object

Windows versions kindly provided by Alfonso Santimone.