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By vb, 20/02/2020

It’s been more than a year ago that I have started to work on the mutable instruments source code available here, to bring the sound and thoughtful layout of some of these fabulous eurorack modules into cycling74’s Max. The project is not nearly finished (and might not ever be…), but I want to use this space to make the intermediate results available.
So here we go – so far there are versions of:
plaits, rings, clouds and braids (download see below)

still in the workings are:
elements, frames, marbles, warps

source code will be available on github soon.

latest versions (compiled for macos) running in Max8:
vb.mi.plts~ — a clone of the plaits module
vb.mi.rngs~ — a clone of the rings module
vb.mi.brds~ — a clone of the braids module
vb.mi.clds~ — a clone of the clouds module
vb.mi.rvb~ — reverb from the elements module — µ-law compression for degrading audio signals (from clouds)

A plaits version for SuperCollider can be found in the downloads section (scroll down all the way).


  1. daniel says:

    hallo volker,
    ich bin ein großer fan deiner vb-objects für max
    nur schaffe ich es nicht die mutable instruments module zum laufen zu bringen.
    (unter macos & max8)
    gibt es dafür eine besondere vorgehensweise ?
    (sind das keine .mxo dateien?)

    danke dir & beste grüsse!

    • vb says:

      Hallo Daniel,
      nach dem Download, zip Dateien entpacken und in ~/Documents/Max 8/Library kopieren.
      Max allenfalls neustarten.
      viele Grüsse,

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