W3rkH0f live video gig

By vb, 04/09/2018

This summer I had the opportunity to play a gig at the W3rkH0f Ambi Media Incubator summer party 2018 in Neunkirch (CH). Jana Honegger and Kent Clelland, the hosts and organizers, did a great job and created a wonderful atmosphere. And they managed to present an impressive line-up of audio and video artists: Electric Indigo, Farmers Manual, Roland Sproll, Michaela Schwentner, Marcel Ackerknecht, Ken Gubler and more.

The whole event was specially geared towards showing work in progress, trying things out, talking about it, discussing what you do and why… e.g. Oswald Berthold from Farmers Manual did an adhoc video light and fabric installation.
What I tried out – and what I haven’t done in a lot of years, so this was a real challenge – is to present some live visual work to accompany a couple of improvised music tracks that I recorded before hand. I started out with the jitter patches that I did last year for my Heissenberg video and tried to make them realtime savy. It’s a bunch of patches incorporating video playback, openGL vertex distortion, matrix feedback and so on.
Here are some recorded snippets from the rehearsals. Unfortunately my aging laptop didn’t really cut it, so the framerate isn’t great – simultaneous recording to disk didn’t help either…

What do you think?

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