SCHIMMER – album release

By vb, 09/02/2023

The release of this album on primTon actually happened already in May 2021. For several reasons the whole production took much longer than originally planned, and the finishing deadlines were extended and delayed quite a few times. So, finally the release date turned out to be a bit arbitrary in the end.

Nevertheless, coming back to this music now with fresh ears is a nice surprise 🙂 You can hear my two esteemed colleagues Martin Losert on Saxophones and Jörg Schweinbenz on piano together with some electronics from my side.

The music on this album started out as duo improvisations of saxophone and piano. The electronic parts were added later in an effort to add a counterpoint to the acoustic dialog. These parts were also mostly recorded from improvised sessions and later more or less heavily edited.
Saxophone and piano improvisations recorded at Medialab Mozarteum by Peter Schmid and Christoph Feiel in 2017.
I worked on the electronic re-composition back in 2018/19 using custom patches done in MaxMSP and Reaper for the editing. Mixing and mastering happened at Elektronisches Studio Basel.

Listen and/or buy on bandcamp.

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