unorthodoxjukebox o.

By vb, 19/01/2024

unorthodoxjukebox o. is a collective of more than 20 musicians. We play contemporary & avant-garde music which is either freely improvised or based on improvisational or visual concepts. The players who largely come from Basel’s music scene, have a wide variety of backgrounds in early music, jazz, contemporary, improvised and/or electro-acoustic music.

Marina Tantanozi (fl)
Olga Marulanda (ob)
François Houle (cl)
Eva-Maria Karbacher (ss)
Jaronas Scheurer (as)
Eva-Maria Karbacher (as)
Remo Schnyder (ts)
Kame (tp)
Marco von Orelli (tp)
Antonia Ravens (hp)
Giancarlo Nicolai (laudes)
Giovanni Vicari (g)
Lea Moullet (vl)
Mathilde Raemy (vc)
Anna-Kaisa Meklin (vdg)
Kaspar von Grünigen (b)
Christoph Schiller (spinett)
Pio Schürmann (p)
Lukas Rickli (p/rhodes)
Alvin Schwaar (p/synth)
Lukas Huber (electr.)
Eric Ruffing (analog synth)
Volker Böhm (electr.)
Robin Michel (electr.)
João Carlos Pacheco (perc)
Benjamin Brodbeck (dr)
Michael Anklin (dr/electr.)
Ludovica Bizzarri (perc)

First release on Wide Ear Records:

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